Valmont breathable polyester cotton mix jogger.

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  1. Ash (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a pair of legwear for awhile that matches my picky criteria, and least to say; I wear these all the time now.

    I do alot of physical activities including various types of combat, parkour, hiking & exploration, etc, and these joggers are quite perfect for my needs.

    Not only that but they are honestly good for any use really, everyday wear, lounging, etc.

    They have space in the groin area which allows for full range of movement without restrictions like jeans, and most other leg wear do, but aren’t too baggy that they become annoying.

    The legs taper nicely the closer to the calves you get, so there isn’t any excess material in your way, and it doesn’t flap about in wind. Perfect for fighting. ;P

    I probably wear mine too much… haha. :p

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